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Elephant Bong

Elephant Bong

This ceramic little water pipe is quite possibly the cutest bong on the internet we’ve found till date. With a small elephant shaped design this bong comes in a variety of colors which will well complement your color likeness. Elephant’s are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth and their grace is uncomparable. It is specially designed for the people who are elephant lovers.

What makes this bong so special is the way in which it is designed. Not only this bong looks amazing but it also acts as a great ornament around the house when not in use. With that said, the elephant bong measures in at 12cm in height and is compact enough to be carried along in a bag wherever you go. So, now you can use your favorite animal to smoke your favorite herbs with the greatest pleasure.

Everything from design to hits is breathtaking about this pretty little bong. This smoking device will make sure that you get the best experience while toking from it. You can surely get the smell of wildlife with this awesome equipment. Furthermore, it’s perfect for a party or a group of friends toking together.

This stupendous elephant bong is available for sale online at Grasscity headshop and is an absolute bargain at just under $25. It’s uniquely designed, is high in quality and is super cute. Moreover, it would be an excellent gift for a both bong and elephant lover friend. So, get your hand on this miniature waterpipe and be ready to get stoned.

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