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Penis Bong

Penis Bong

Ceramic bongs are a great addition to your cannabis collection. If you want a device which is insanely fun to smoke from and which is designed in the funniest way possible then the penis bong is just for you. We must say that the manufacturers of this piece have done a fantastic job by giving it a shape of a dick and make it look as realistic as possible.

This badass water pipe is the one for which your friends will crave and it will definitely turn everyone’s head. It’s a nice and compact bong that stands at a height of 26cm making it an extremely portable smoking device. With that said, it has a round body that makes it simple to hold and takes into consideration a decent measure of smoke-cooling volume. Another great thing about this water pipe is that it has a stable base and of course some great attractive looks.

Though we won’t award this bong any groundbreaking awards because it’s just a simple water pipe however at just $40 it’s a perfect little investment for daily tokers. Above all, it packs one hell of a punch and hits like a dream. Furthermore, a really good thing about this is that it comes with a metal downstem and bowl which are easily removable making the cleaning of this cock just a breeze.

Overall, this device will get everyone smiling and especially girls will love it. So, if you’re looking for an amazing bong which will get you and everyone besides excited then get your hands on this incredible device and you’ll never want another ceramic bong for yourself ever again. We’re sure that it’s gonna blow your freaking mind in just one hit and you won’t be left disappointed. At last, the penis bong will be a crazy thing to smoke with your friends…with a combination of some strange facial expressions and shyness it will keep everyone around entertained.Check it out