Weed Pipes For Sale – Buyer’s Guide Aug06


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Weed Pipes For Sale – Buyer’s Guide

Weed pipes are one of the best ways to enjoy smoking. Due to their lightweight and compact size, they give you the freedom to smoke anywhere you like. Whether you’re out on a trip or relaxing at your home, weed pipes are always there for you to help you smoke.

Now, since the market is pretty saturated, choosing the best weed pipe which comfortably fits your budget and which gives you a smooth smoking experience is a bit difficult task. That’s why we’ve got for you weed pipes for sale which will not only help you smoke better but also guarantees to give you the best hits ever!

Best Weed Pipes For Sale

Genius pipeGenius PipeN/A151mmSee It
Nut n bolt pipeNut N Bolt Pipe4 pounds81mmSee It
Dragon wrapped glass pipeDragon Wrapped Glass PipeN/A152mmSee It
Cosmic pipeCosmic PipeN/A140mmSee It
Spirograph hand pipeSpirograph Hand PipeN/A111mmSee It
Gandalf glass pipeGandalf Glass PipeN/A211mm, 291mm, 350mmSee It
Black leaf oil glass vaporizer pipeBlack Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer PipeN/A114mmSee It
Elephant glass pipeElephant Glass PipeN/AN/ASee It
Classic spoon pipeClassic Spoon PipeN/AN/ASee It
Prometheus titanPrometheus Titan1.65 pounds161mmSee It

1.Genius Pipe 

weed pipes for sale

The first pipe up on our list is the Genius Pipe. This uniquely designed pipe comes in 8 different styles and colors. It has one of the best filtration system ever found in a weed pipe that removes about 95% of the tar.

With that said, this pipe is portable and super easy to clean, thanks to its magnetic design. Furthermore, you can always slide the cover before going out which makes carrying this pipe super easy. 

The Genius Pipe makes sure to give you the smoothest and coolest hits with the help of its revolutionary dimple technology.  And at the top of all of it, this pipe is scratch-resistant and is definitely worth the money. Another good thing about this pipe is that it’s not at all harsh at throat or lungs. So, you can surely enjoy longer toking sessions without any worries.

Talking about the specifications, the Genius Pipe measures 151mm in length and is most compatible with dry herbs. It is made from aluminum material and we’re sure you won’t need any other weed pipe ever!

Concluding, this weed pipe is absolutely the value for money device which is available for sale online. We personally love this pipe so much that we’re giving it two big fat thumbs up!

2.Nut N Bolt Pipe

Nut n bolt pipe

The second weed pipe up on the list is the Nut N Bolt Pipe. No, it’s not a nut or a bolt. It’s an amazing little 4-piece pipe which will get you stoned in no time at all. Now, to be honest, the picture of this pipe doesn’t do any justice to it. This is because it’s much more incredible in real life.

The Nut N Bolt Pipe is made from metal and is easy to assemble. With that said, the best thing about this pipe is that you can always hide it in your toolbox or just keep it anywhere in the house without anyone getting to know about it ever.

Moving further, the pipe has got a pinched mouthpiece and measures 81mm in length. It’s definitely a discreet and brilliant stealth pipe one could ever have.

3.Dragon Wrapped Glass Pipe 

Dragon wrapped glass pipe

You’ll surely get to know how much value for money you’re getting here, after getting your hands on the Dragon Wrapped Weed Pipe which is themed in the style of super famous Anime series – Dragon Ball Z. If you’re a die-hard fan of Dragon Ball then this pipe is just for you.

This pipe is constructed out of thick glass and has a deep bowl where you can load your herbs. It is decorated with glittery colors and looks stunning with a dragon wrapped around its body.

Talking further, the dragon pipe is handcrafted in the USA and stands at 6 inches tall. The Pipe has a sturdy design and is sure to give you some of the best hits ever. We’re sure you won’t regret getting this pipe. Excellent quality, great hits, and beautiful design… what’s not to love?

4.Cosmic Pipe

Cosmic pipe

The next pipe up on our weed pipe for sale list is something gorgeous. If you’re looking for a pipe which can handle a lot of herbs at a time and lets you smoke for a longer period than the Cosmic Pipe is perfect for you. With a length of around 5.5 inches, this pipe is themed in the style of a galaxy.

With its attractive design and smoking skills, this pipe is sure to take your toking to another planet. It is made from heavy glass and delivers unimaginable and smooth hits every time. This pipe is not a regular pipe which you’ll easily find in your local shops.

A great thing that we noticed about this pipe while researching online is the ‘Returning Customers’. People are coming back to buy this, not because their old one is broken but because they love to keep one at home and one for traveling.

Overall, we feel very comfortable in recommending this weed pipe to anyone who is looking for nothing but the best. We love it and we’re sure, you’re gonna love it too!

5.Spirograph Hand Pipe

Spirograph hand pipe

The Red Eye Glass company is the leading manufacturer of color changing pipes since a very long time (23 years approximately). The reason we’re telling you this is because the next pipe on our list is from the Rey Eye itself – The Spirograph Hand Pipe.

The Spirograph is a blue colored pipe which is ideal for personal or group toking sessions. Featuring a slightly pinched mouthpiece, this pipe measures 111mm in length and 31mm in width. Furthermore, the pipe is easy to use, clean and is extremely portable.

With a super eye-catchy design this pipe is sure to turn some heads around and is, without a doubt, one of the best weed pipes for sale available out there in the market. Finally, the pipe features a Red Eye Glass logo on it and comes with a nice black pouch which keeps your device safe. Most people feel happy to have it in their possession.

6.Gandalf Glass Pipe

Gandalf glass pipe

The next incredible and cool weed pipe for sale up on our list is yet another pipe from the Red Eye Glass company. It’s one of the coolest and most popular pipes of the Red Eye Glass.

The Gandalf Glass Pipe comes in an attractive blue color and is available in 3 different sizes: large, medium and small. The noteworthy thing about this pipe is that with how simplicity it is made and yet it’s highly effective giving you some of the best hits ever.

With that said, you can always lay down this pipe flat without worrying about it falling, thanks to its ridge which keeps it stable. Furthermore, the bowl of the pipe features a carb hole for better smoking. The Gandalf pipe is super easy to clean and you can always carry it in your pockets.

The only downside about this pipe that we found was that it can break easily. Yes, it’s made of glass and is not super durable… so you have to take proper care of it. Apart from this, the smoking skills, incredible hits, and attractive looks, this pipe has got it all. We’re sure that you and people around you will absolutely love this pipe!

7.Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer Pipe

Black leaf oil glass vaporizer pipe

Black Leaf is one of the most popular brands for smoking equipments including things like hookahs, vaporizers, pipes, bubblers and much more. That’s why we thought of introducing one of their amazing devices; The Black Leaf Oil Vaporizer Pipe.

This pipe stands at 11.5 cm tall and is made from high-quality borosilicate glass. It comes in a clear color and features a black colored oil logo. It is yet another simply constructed but highly effective pipe. Being of a compact size it can easily slip in your pockets or purse giving you the freedom to smoke anywhere you want. Another good thing about this pipe is that it is highly heat resistant and has a flat mouthpiece which lets you smoke comfortably.

Moving on, using this pipe is just a breeze. Just like you do with any other pipe, heat the bowl from underneath to vaporize your oil or herbs and start smoking. The Black Leaf Oil Vaporizer is ideal for toking at home or taking it out with your friends. So, be prepared to get yourself stoned or high, really fast.

8.Elephant Glass Pipe

Elephant glass pipe

We’re at number eight already. So, let’s talk about something fancy this time. The Elephant Glass Pipe is a themed pipe which is made from thick glass and is perfect for all the animal lovers out there. The pipe is filled with beautiful colors and is purely handcrafted in the USA.

This pipe is quite large so you can’t simply carry it around but it’s sure to get you some high hits which will surely blow your mind. It’s a great pipe with large bowl where you can load a good amount of herbs. Not only this elephant is beautiful and effective but it’s also highly affordable coming in at just under $25.

Concluding, this pipe will surely rip you off and you won’t feel like getting any other pipe ever. We highly recommend getting this pipe.

9.Classic Spoon Pipe

Classic spoon pipe

The next incredible weed pipe up on our best weed pipes for sale list is from the Grav Labs. Though having an ordinary design this pipe is made to smoke with perfection. It is a spoon-style pipe which is made from high-grade borosilicate glass.

The classic spoon pipe has been given special attention to make it discreet, durable and moreover beautiful. With that said, a good thing about this pipe is that it has an inbuilt ash catcher which nicely prevents ash from getting in your mouth.

This pipe is handcrafted in the USA and comes in different beautiful colors. Furthermore, it has a deep bowl and is made from heavy glass so you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily. More than 100 customers have reviewed this pipe on Dankstop headshop and they all just can’t stop praising it. While some customers are extremely satisfied, others are simply enjoying the smooth hits.

The only complaint that we found is that the pipe is 4 inches tall as compared to the advertised statement of 5 inches. Overall, we’re very happy to include such an amazing pipe in our top 10 list. It hits well, has in inbuilt ash catcher, is colorful and what’s not?

10.Prometheus Titan

cool weed pipes for sale

We’re finally at the end of our list. So, to make it special we introduce to you another mind-blowing pipe which comes the PypTek brand.

The Prometheus Titan pipe is one of the superior smoking devices with jaw-dropping hits and is considered as a heavyweight champion. The pipe is available in three different colors and comes with a protective coating of aluminum which protects the pipe from being damaged. Not only this… but the inner components of the pipe are also protected, thanks to the rubber gaskets.

This pipe measures 161mm in length and weighs 1.65 pounds. From style to smooth hits, this pipe has got it all. It’s kind of a different pipe than your ordinary pipes. Having this device in your possession you won’t feel like getting any other pipe ever. We personally love this pipe so much that we’re giving it two big fat thumbs up from our side. And we can guarantee that you’re gonna it too.

How to Choose the Best Weed Pipe?

Things to consider when searching for the best weed pipe:


Who wants to get a pipe which looks straight out of 19’s and makes the owner uncomfortable while taking it out for a group toking session? That’s why you should get a device which has some decent looks and which gets the center of attraction in every group session.

2.Smooth and Cool Hits

Most people hate pipes which are harsh on lungs and throat. This is because it limits their smoking strength and makes smoking a hell boring. So, look for a pipe which is smooth enough to not harm your throat. Or maybe, you can try getting a pipe with a great filtration system.

3.Budget Friendly

People always have this typical thinking of “greater the price, better the product”. However, with the market being pretty saturated it becomes difficult to choose a pipe which fits your budget but it’s not impossible. All the pipes listed in our weed pipes for sale list carries a price tag which everyone can afford.

3.Deep Bowl

Deep bowls are always preferred over shallow ones. The reason being, it lets people load a huge amount of herbs and gives them long-lasting smoking sessions.

4.Quality and Construction

Well, we always recommend choosing a great quality and sturdy constructed weed pipe. Get a pipe from a well-known brand and you won’t have to worry about anything ever again.

For your information, we have compiled our above list keeping in mind all the mentioned things. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about any single thing ever.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the weed pipes for sale list will help you pick the best weed pipe according to your needs and budget. Do keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” weed pipe, that’s why each pipe is manufactured to fit the need of different consumers. Lastly, if you feel like we’ve missed on a good pipe then please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to add it to our list.